Spring Braai 


This little creation all started because I’ve always-always wanted a pizza oven!! Probably for about 8 years now! It never happened though and there was ALWAYS something else that had to be done instead. When we moved to our new house, I saw the perfect space just asking for something... a fire pit area!

Because we had so many expenses with the move and a few renovations that had to be done to the house we really didn’t have a big budget, so initially, we thought we’d do something really simple, no proper building just benches around a mobile fire pit. Easy enough right? Well not so much... my husband laughs every time we tell the story, saying he knows me so well, he knew it wasn’t going to be that ‘simple’. The more I looked at reference pictures; I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It was a little more difficult than anticipated and the design took some time. After getting a quote from a proper landscaper, we were completely deflated...maybe this area of mine was not going to happen after all or at least how I had planned it. But then along came our trusty handy man / builder who had previously done some work for me in the past. He was up for the task and quoted us LESS than half the price we initially were quoted. This also meant that I was able to incorporate my dream pizza oven in the fire pit area, so that it was multi-functional and a great social space (just in time for Spring).

Because I am BIG supporter of small local businesses we also went with the amazing @fringedesignfurniture to custom design and insert our awesome fire-pit.

Our builder’s workmanship was amazing and best of all didn’t mind every time I changed my mind or a measurement here and there.  I have already recommended Aluwani from PW Makilimp Projects CC  to many people and would do so again and again!


I prefer to back the smaller guys, the ones just starting to build their businesses. They just need the exposure to get them going and that’s what I like to do (obviously also saving a penny or two in the process).

My secret passion is interior decorating, and I love putting different pieces and colours together in a space. So it was no different when it came to my fire pit area. I sourced different scatters (I’m loving the monochrome look at the moment), and then wanted that oasis type feel with some greenery (some real and some artificial). When it came to the fire pit I knew I wanted a more simplistic, modern feel, with clean lines. I had outdoor cushions made by an awesome Upholsterer, Simba, who was extremely reasonable and even sourced the material for me, measured and delivered. All in all, I am so happy with the way it turned out, and in the couple of months we’ve had it, we use the area more than we ever thought! We love to entertain so this was the best way to extend and add an extra entertainment element in our home. It really is like a little getaway area in the garden. We love it! The only problem now is that I have to work-out 10 times harder with all the pizza I eat!! :)