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Sandra Braxton

If you’re anything like me, then you approach a new year with vigour. I look forward to the clean slate and plan how I am going to do things better this time around. Make a few positive changes, lose some weight, heck – I was feeling so positive about 2020 that I even put ‘spend more time with neglected friends’ on my 2020 to-do list. Ladies, it was looking to be an unforgettable year……. well, it has been unforgettable I suppose, but for very different reasons. The 15th of March this year was a day that we will not be quick to forget. Our honourable Pres declared a national state of disaster and we then corralled around each other to build up each other’s anxiety in the weeks that followed while rumours swirled, and the media was coming up with one outrageous headline after the other. My personal favourite from the early Covid-19 days was “The Yellow Peril”; that one really showed how fear mongering and misinformation lead to blatant and gross racism becoming acceptable. What a time to be alive! But seriousness aside – let’s get to the meat of this column. 5 surprising things that lockdown has taught me….and lots of my friends whose faces I am seeing a lot more of these days. Thanks, Zoom for that bit of irony 😉 1. I am not as boring as I always thought I was – even without much wine. One of my very worst character traits is overcommitting to people and things. And then crying copiously about being tired. I know that I do this to avoid being bored (my worst fear really). Lockdown has shown me that I have plenty of stuff to do around my own home and also that when only my son and husband are here to bear witness it is totally okay to speak to myself 2. My husband and I really do still like one another. We love being out and about and are always (I mean EVERY time) the last people to leave a party. This has led to us not being great at being alone, and therefore becoming amazing at avoiding serious conversations. I am happy to have come to the realisation over the past seven weeks that we are superbly good at conversing with one another and even better at being married! 3.  You really do need to give your offspring more than just time with you. As wonderful as it has been to be at home with the family, it has also been an eye-opener as to how much effort you need to put into a child’s daily development (like EVERY day). I realise now that being a working mom is much easier than I thought – while it is hectically busy there is also comfort in knowing that someone else is taking care of your little one and making sure that they are learning and becoming okay humans. This is really hard – but also unbelievably rewarding. 4. You do not need to live up to anyone else’s expectations…. Other people’s opinions are a heavy burden on women in all walks of life. Whether you are careering, momming or just a trust fund baby (AKA lucky bitch) we are so often concerned with how we are perceived by others. Ladies – use this time as the great leveller that it is – none of that BS matters. You matter, and you being happy matters. Remember that. 5. Loose jeans are the best. Seriously. If you wear the same pair of jeans for a few days straight they will become loose and you will feel and look like you have lost weight. My work here is done! Till next time ladies keep safe, warm and remember to just breathe…… Sands

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