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Seresha Louw

Being a working mom of two, I always have hungry tummies to feed. I love entertaining friends and family and food is my way of showing love to those nearest and dearest to me. Despite the many challenges that have come with lockdown, it has also brought with it the opportunity for me spend quality time with my kids and to let my passion for cooking and baking shine with no limits; a welcome escape from the realities of lockdown and my new creative haven.

For me, mealtimes should be exciting experiences. Whilst it’s not always possible to serve a new dish, I do try to find ways to jazz up old favourites by sprucing up the presentation or adding a little twist of my own. My kids enjoy being in the kitchen with me and I allow them the freedom to experiment with their favourite ingredients and spices – it’s this freedom that has allowed them to come up with some amazing spice combinations that I look forward to sharing with you

One of the greatest challenges is being able to prepare healthy yet satisfying meals on a consistent basis. This is what keeps me up, late-night browsing for inspiration but it’s also what’s so rewarding once I’ve found combinations that work. I’m always on the hunt for creative ways to put a healthy spin on my family’s favourite dishes and find that rounding it off with something deliciously sweet is a sure-fire way of striking the perfect balance, and guaranteeing clean plates and big smiles at the end of a meal;)

Who doesn’t love a delicious Spaghetti Carbonara? A quick and simple yet flavourful dish that you can whip up in less than thirty minutes - think smoky bacony bits of deliciousness with creamy pasta, yum! And this one has a slight twist that not even the harshest critic will pick up on…wholewheat spaghetti! I add mushrooms to it for a more earthy and well-rounded flavour and serve this with a quick homemade cheddar and rosemary bread.

Let’s get cooking!


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