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Isometrics- The New Pain Killer

Kathryn Pelser - KP Move

Biokineticist & Sport scientist

Did you know that 80% of the population have lower back pain in their lifetime, with an increasing 10% suffering with permanent back pain? Those are just the statistics on lower back pain. Looking at every joint in the body and the many things that can go wrong, you can only imagine how many of us live with pain and discomfort easily resolved by a pain pill. Exercising to relieve pain to many, would seem aggravating rather than relieving - or impossible due to the debilitating pain. However, research shows that isometric exercises have not only an analgesic affect, but a long lasting one too. Isometric exercise is  static muscular contraction without any movement to the angle of the joint such as a plank or many yoga poses.  Isometric exercises can be done anywhere allowing one to do them before or after an activity, or immediately with the onset of pain. It is a much better alternative to the side affects caused from medication and exercise has a greater adherence to reducing pain. How Isometric works is  with an extended muscular contraction that gives room for maximum muscle fibre recruitment, and establishes the correct neural pathways responsible for motor functioning and, effectively builds strength in the ligaments and tendons.  The effects last up to 45 minutes’ post exercise and longer lasting relief and prevention with maintenance. Isometric exercise allows you to load the joint safely and pain free. It can be completed in five minutes anywhere, and at anytime. Whether you have back pain from prolonged periods of sitting, have arthritis, knee pain from running… whatever your ailment, this could be for you! 

Movement is medicine.

Research has shown the most effective way is to hold for 20-45 seconds and then relax repeating 3-4 times. Base it on how you manage and feel. The affects can be immediate or felt after 30 minutes to an hour post exercise.

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