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Five podcasts I've come to love over lockdown 

Global lockdown and isolation measures have been a heavy burden for so many businesses. But there are some that are booming in this new world. A clear winner in covid-times has been Amazon, who reported substantial growth in the first two quarters of the year. Here in SA, Amazon just announced (June 2020) that they will even be hiring a further 3000 people for remote customer service jobs, bringing their local staff quotient to 7000.

Streaming providers, like Netflix, have also realized record growth. Spotify’s latest financials show they added six million paid subscribers in Q12020. At least part of their success lies in the diversification of their streaming offering last year, when they added podcasts to their huge existing music library. This popular content format is certainly not new, but 2020 has been a bonus year for podcasters.

If you’re new to the medium, here are five top choices to start you off.

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