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The past few months has most definitely challenged all of us in ways we never even thought of. Who knew that zoom sessions or online platforms would be a part of our every day lifestyle. Gyms are still not open. Home training, online training and even social media inspiration has been the new way to go about your daily workout.

2020 has changed our lives.

This brings us to the lighthearted side of things with regards to zoom session and online platforms for training. There is nothing quite as scary as : 

When your client accidentally falls in your session while doing a step up on a shaky piece of homemade apparatus before you can even say the words…”I don’t think that is the best thing to use” and there is nothing you can do to help as she tumbles to the ground - luckily no broken bones!

That session where your computer freezes at that exact moment your client's face is frozen on the most wonderfully agonising facial expression while doing a squat or;

The session that passes by when all you have seen is a limb or two because they can’t get their computer set up right for the session. Where they get themselves positioned nicely on the floor to do that set of abs and the dog (or child for that matter) decides to jump on the client and excitedly lick their face. The giggles and screams are hilarious.

When your session starts and the first thing you hear is…Mom, can I have this or that? Or “wait I’m just going to the loo quick”. That moment that a boyfriend, partner, kid, grandad, husband, domestic - you name it, is waving at you frantically in the background as if they have known you for years and genuinely miss seeing you.

The cat that sits on the chair with an unimpressed look that exudes the thought “what the HELL is this human doing”.

The moment you take a step back to allow the client to proceed with an instruction and all you hear fr the screen is heavy breathing.

Or when you have to correct a specific exercise technique and after trying a couple of times to explain you rather opt for a …”uh, let’s do another exercise instead”.

It makes you take a step back and realise just how lucky we were to have gyms at our disposal, to have that personal touch, the extra attention, the ability to physically walk up to the individual and change an incorrect technique with a gesture. To take care of your clients without looking at them through a computer screen. We have adapted and managed (and nearly did 100 'bollemakiesies' when we heard the positive 'we're reopening gym news this week). We have laughed a lot and see a lot of interesting things in the background of people’s homes. But one thing we have learnt is that if people really want to work out and put the effort into their health and lifestyle, they will make it happen - even with limited equipment from their living room or makeshift 'gym' area. In our opinion there will always be pro’s and con’s in any situation so it’s up to you to decide how to change or better your lifestyle. If you want to eat the damn cookie then go for the damn run!!! There really is no excuse when it comes to training, just pure discipline and dedication. To those who have managed to get up and go, those who've stayed fit and healthy - we salute you. To those who have maybe released the foot off the pedal - you're not alone and we're here to help. We know you can do it!

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