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The Michelle Obama Podcast

Leanne Bekker 

Michelle Obama has become a role model to so many women all over the world! She has become known for her inspirational work, quotes, love and kindness! That’s why I am quite excited about "The Michelle Obama Podcast" and wanted to share it with anyone who may have not heard about it yet! Ok, so the lockdown has lifted slightly and we find ourselves attending sneaky braai’s and get-togethers but when you find yourself sitting alone wondering what to do, go visit your Spotify App and download this podcast! 

Click here to download

Just a few weeks ago the former first lady announced  "The Michelle Obama Podcast," which she says will focus on meaningful relationships and conversations and is available NOW on Spotify so is really easily accessible (even for some of us who are a bit technically challenged – I may or may not be speaking about myself) The podcast is actually hosted by Michelle Obama herself and the series will bring listeners (us) the former First Lady's most candid and personal conversations, “showing us what's possible when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to open up, and to focus on what matters most.” The episodes will focus around things that resonate with most of us like, "the relationships that shape us, from siblings and close friends to partners, parents, and mentors to our relationship with ourselves and our health." Obama said in a statement that she hopes the series "can be a place to explore meaningful topics together and sort through so many of the questions we're all trying to answer in our own lives."

Give it a try and spread the word! We all need a bit of love, kindness and inspiration through these trying times!

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