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Funny how day 1 of lock down we all had these great plans and ideas to do those “extra little things” with the “extra time” that we were so sure we were going to have. Exercise being one of those great plans. You know, to walk out of lock down feeling fitter, healthier, skinnier or at least feeling more confident in the clothes that we putting on our bodies. However, in the past 10 weeks or so, we can say that most of us haven’t been able to master everything we had planned - too much stress, anxiety, cooking, cleaning; moms miraculously home schooling monster kids, the list goes on. With all this pressure and these emotions, does exercise sometimes seem to take a backseat in stressful or crazy times?? One would rather indulge in a glass of wine or a G&T (those who could still get their hands on some) or maybe licking the bowl of the cookies you just baked to keep your kids entertained.

So now we are sitting here, 10 weeks in, with extra love handles, a booze pouch and the inability to button up our “jean pant” from the easy snacking and booze-coping mechanisms. Days are now filled with frustrations and feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, rather than ogling at your lockdown bod you'd planned on nailing. No doubt, you're feeling more despondent than ever!

We know the last thing you want hear right now amongst the 100 other things you need to worry about in your day, is that YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME!

But its true ladies…

You have to push yourself and motivate yourself - even if it’s THE ONLY 30 min you have in your day : 

If you want it…you will go get it. Just like you got up to pour that drink or that cookie you stole from the cupboard, and we all know we have an extra cookie now and then. We know we do. LOL

We not here to BS you with gimmicks and promises of sexy rounded butt cheeks, toned GI JANE arms and a 6 pack in just 3 weeks…that's just crazy and quite frankly not possible.

Consistent exercising is not easy.

In fact, it’s hard to motivate yourself when you have had a long day and you are stressed out.

Even as personal trainers we have had to push ourselves through the hard days of lockdown.

But something is better than nothing. Once you are all sweaty and in it (because ladies, let’s face it… we do sweat), the after effects feel like magic. Magic that makes your blood flow and taps into your positive mental state which we're sure you'd all agree, are TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

We are here to tell you that we need to stop focusing so hard on trying to lose weight, following those crazy fad diets and eating plans, or rushing into those “one week wonder” training programs. Instead we should focus on short term goals, healthier ways of eating and smaller portions.

Baby steps ladies, Baby steps.

Drink ONE glass of wine before you want to kill your husband, boyfriend or partner, not the entire bottle (c'mon we know you can do it!). Make time for training even if you’d rather work your jaw muscles on the phone or video call. Turn up the volume, sing with the music and dance in between your squats.

Right now, some of your are still at home so be free. Be you.

Work off the glass of wine before you drink it. YES, we did say “WINE” and yes, we did say “before you DRINK IT”.  It’s all about balance, moderation and consistency. 

The good news for all of you is that we will be here to help you and guide you and most importantly, have fun with you on this path to a better physically, mentally, and healthier you.

Check out our video below for a few basic exercises to get you started in getting those legs feeling strong. Remember it’s all a process - it doesn’t happen in one day. Consistency will turn those wobbly bums into sexy bums!!! And ladies, you can do this anytime, anywhere… you have the power to change…so take the leap and have some fun with your workout. These are basic exercises and we cannot wait to build it up every week for you . We have also added a little section for the more advanced so don’t be shy! Go for it and challenge yourself.

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