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In moderation....

We are by no means ‘qualified experts’ when it comes to the nutritional side of things, but we are here to tell you about our experiences and journey’s when it comes to nutrition and what we have gone through, and STILL go through on a daily basis to get to where we are today. 

As you will remember in our previous article we told you we are not here to BS you in any way!

So here’s a little bit about us and our eating habits and happy habits:​

So where does the fruit come in?

Truth is, we rarely eat fruit. There's loads of natural sugar in fruit (fructose and glucose) so yes, it may be a healthier option than a doughnut or a cookie, but 1 fruit a day compared to 4 makes a huge difference to your sugar and carb and calorie intake,  so eating four fruits a day may be the wrong way to go about this theory.

WATER, this is important and people tend to forget that. We drink roughly 2 litres a day

And hell yeah, we have our beers and pizza over the weekend, not to mention the cookie we steal from the cupboard occasionally.

BUT this is where we get real with you, we train hard as well. We have progressively built ourselves up to a 40 min run at a good pace every day (a pace that burns good calories), and we do 45 minutes to an hours high intensity workout, at least 5 times a week (please remember we are personal trainers!)

The summary of what we eat and drink weekly goes to show that you don’t need to eat 3 grains of rice and 1 broccoli stick to look and feel good. As you can see we don’t abandon our carbs but we do take care with portion size and the amount of a specific food groups we eat in a day.


Every single one of us are magnificently beautiful and different!

We all have different body shapes, metabolism, and maybe even some medical setbacks. Have you ever asked yourself – why would something billion women all over the world follow 1 specific diet when we are all so uniquely different?

You need to start discovering which foods do and don’t work for you. It is a process not a race. Choosing to change your diet doesn’t mean restrictions and limit’s, it’s about feeling great, having more energy and improving your health. Once you have figured out what works for you, then you can start getting more specific with the way you eat.

By all means follow advice and do research but you live with you so why not listen to YOUR body first before diving into some diet trend, fad or scheme? We are all human so give your body and mind the chance to explore change and adapt to healthier living. Michael Schumacher didn’t just jump into his Ferrari and win countless world championships, he started from the ground up; he started in first gear. 

Eating habits and training go hand in hand – and yes there have been millions of articles and theories tested over the years to conclude 'the most effective way', but the reason why we believe our theory, is because we need to live it... EVERY... SINGLE.... DAY.  We struggle too and try conquer each and every day because we make the time and put the effort in to do that extra workout so we can devour our most favourite pizza and black label beer (note from Editor: this is 100% accurate; I have been witness to it, more than once)

Lastly… we live in a crazy world where society dictates the way we look or rather “how we are supposed to look”.

We disagree! Why should society dictate how we look and feel? We are all beautiful, unique women. We are all Super Women!!!!!

Love what you have and work on making it better for YOU.

Let us know if you need help with meal planning or ingredients we use - we're happy to help. 

But for now, check out our next video focusing on chest and triceps.

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