Jar of Coins

Cash for your scrap

In the wake of this not so popular pandemic, there are so many of us who have had TIME to be in our homes. For those who have decided to make the big trek over the seas (they're actually oceans but hey, who's checking), you're also probably trying to flog your goods from your house. 

Enter Cash Crusaders! 

These guys have just launched two digital services to try help with this process. A WhatsApp video service (I kid you not ladies) where you literally WhatsApp video call your closest store and show them the goods you're wanting to sell, they make you and offer and provided they check out when you walk in store, voila - you're making cash from your scrap. The guys on the other end of the WhatsApp video service are super clever and know their stuff so can make you an offer on the spot (obvs make sure that you're not showing them your flashy new cellphone and then take them your old 'snake' Nokia 3310).

Woman on Her Smart Phone
Image by Brooke Cagle

The second option you have is with the launch of their click and collect service. 

Yup, you click your goodies, pay for them and the lovely people at your local Cash Crusaders store put everything aside for you for when you're ready to collect.


PLUS, there are even a few large appliance and furniture stores so you can do all of this if you've had enough of EVERYTHING in your home and think it's time for a change. How cool and easy? 

By the you know they sell second AND new goods? Ja, #justsaying in case you didn't already know